We invest to help cities win the battles for our future

Cities are the cornerstone of human civilization

Since the first urban settlements more than 5.000 years ago, living in proximity to one another has created amazing results for humanity. Cities continue to serve citizens well, but accelerating urbanization has created challenges. Cities consume most of the world’s resources and generate the majority of global emissions. With half of the world's population now living in a city, they are at the forefront of our greatest social, economic, and environmental challenges. In short, cities are where we will determine our future.

Cities are complex living ecosystems - much more than just roads and buildings. The challenges they face on health, livability and climate are interdependent and continually evolving. These issues must be understood holistically and tackled together over time. That is why we’ve developed a platform that does exactly that.

We are Urban Partners

We invest to help cities to win the battles for our future. We do this by uniting insights, stakeholders and capital within the urban ecosystem. We bring capital that is not only fit for profit, but truly fit for purpose. For everyone. We call it Constructive Capital because our long-term positive impact is part of the attractive returns we deliver.

About Urban Partners

Founded in the Nordics almost two decades ago, we are grounded in a solid history of execution and governed by a strong set of values. We’re global in reach today, and we believe in the potential for well managed urban development to deliver resilient, sustainable, equitable cities. Initially, we focus on three priorities:

About Urban Partners


Decarbonize the built environment
to bring down urban emissions from the staggering 70 percent of all global emissions currently generated by and for cities.


Catalyze healthy urban neighborhoods
creating green and thriving places for people to prosper. This is all important in a world where nearly two thirds of the global population will be living in an urban environment by 2050.


Pioneer problem-solving partnerships
to bridge the gap between interests of people, cities, and capital. Historically, this misalignment has led to inadequate, sometimes even harmful, development of the urban ecosystem – we want to lead a new era where shared visions deliver shared benefits.


Generate attractive returns
through investing capital with a strong focus on solving urban problems to the benefit of all stakeholders.

Shaped around urban problem solving

Urban Partners is a platform of vision-aligned, differentiated, investment strategies shaped around urban problem solving. With close to €21bn under management, we invest in assets, companies, technologies, and solutions. Our platform of strategies are already at work, meet them here
About the Platform

World’s leading urban investment platform

We will keep innovating new strategies to solve more problems, building the world’s leading urban investment platform. As the convener, Urban Partners sums up to more than the parts and serves as a uniting custodian, conduit, and catalyst of positive change across the many dimensions of the urban environment. A true and trusted ally of the city, for the long run.
We take on this mission because we believe cities are the greatest human invention. They are the best place for humans to thrive - and our best chance to survive. With our investments and insights, we bring real solutions to real urban challenges – making cities a benefit, not a burden, for people and the planet.

Our essentials

Our essentials

A future in which the urban environment universally contributes to the wellbeing of humanity and the welfare of the planet


To create a playbook for holistic urban transformation, becoming the world’s leading urban investor


We invest to help cities win the battles for our future


Making a Difference, Trust, Care, and Always Learning