Urban Partners is a platform of vision-aligned, differentiated, investment strategies shaped around urban problem solving. With three strategies and close to €21bn under management, we invest in assets, companies, technologies, and solutions. Across our platform, we share the same vision and values - and the aspiration to build the world’s leading urban investment company.
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Driving real change in real estate

Nrep is a real estate investor committed to driving real change in the industry with a holistic ESG focus. With a successful track record, Nrep is known for its ability to reimagining the built environment, including several large-scale neighborhood developments. Nrep manages one of Europe’s largest real estate funds and runs a business with over 8 million square meters across eight countries. Nrep’s purpose is to drive real change in real estate, for people and planet

Constructive Capital

2150 is a venture capital firm investing in the sustainable reshaping of the urban environments and the industries that power them. 2150 backs entrepreneurs working at the forefront of the green transition and helps scale the companies and technologies with long-term equitable impact across the whole ‘urban stack’, including how cities are built, designed, constructed, and powered, to the way people live, work and are cared for. 2150 seeks to tackle the greatest challenges with world leading science and technologies and supports their broad deployment through its global ecosystem of leading actors in the urban environment.

Velo Capital
Financing tomorrow, today

Velo Capital provides flexible real estate credit solutions, helping its customers focus on sustainable assets. In 2021, Flins Capital Partners was acquired, a leading German debt specialist with 10 years of alternative real estate credit track record. To date, three active funds total approximately €1bn AuM, focusing on real estate assets in Germany’s top cities. Velo Capital is currently in the process of launching new credit strategies across Northern Europe, with a keen focus on green financing.

Velo Capital’s purpose is to enable ideas and deploy capital to advance the transition to sustainable communities.